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Trial Reflection - Sunday Night Community Dinners

To many of us, the end of June signifies the beginning of a new and exciting season of fun, late evenings, and new experiences. For me, it’s only partially that. I decided that during the summer of freshman year I would do something completely different from my usual summer curriculum. And so, I set off and began to help out at the local soup kitchen every Sunday evening. The first time I ever went to help was frankly a frightening experience for me. All of the helpers were very nice, and so were (most of) the people that we were serving. I remember feeling very lost and confused a lot of the time as to what we were supposed to be doing; things such as setting the tables, slicing bread, washing vegetables, etc. Although, I soon realised that I should stop being so afraid, and went to seek help. I was then able to stumble through the tasks I was supposed to do with the help of my fellow helpers who had been helping out at the community dinners for years on years. After two hours, it was time to serve. Person after person passed by, and I was able to see a diverse range of people in diverse circumstances. Some were well off, but most were not. There were families with young children and toddlers rendered homeless, surviving off of the weekly dinners and their leftovers. Others were alone, and very often; ill. My eyes opened wider and wider with each glob of scalloped potatoes I spooned onto their plates. Despite my state of shock at the poverty levels of White Rock and Surrey, I tried to deliver each person the most warmth and kindness that I could muster. Afterwards, we cleaned up the area and packed up. On the way home, I was feeling very dazed and discussed the day’s events with my mother. I proposed that I would from then on, go to the community dinners every week to help ease the pain of the homeless in our area. Today, I still give weekly service to the local homeless, and I couldn’t be happier about the decision I made a year before.